Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not in the list below, please do not hesitate to write to us via chat or by email at unrealiptv@hotmail.com

  • Does a plan work on multiple TVs at the same time?

    No, but the cost for a 2nd TV (or more) is really advantageous. It is possible to change the box if necessary, please notify us and we will assist you. You can use your box and your account anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.

  • If I have 2 or 3 TVs, what should I do?

    Contact us and we will make you a special price for several subscriptions for the same house for Diablo Pro.

  • If I want to buy multiple Android boxes?

    Contact us by email unrealiptv@hotmail.com or through our agents on the chat and we will make you a special price for the subscription and the boxes. Note that sales are FINAL and exchange are only in case of defect device.

  • What if I have breaks in the image?

    This is very rare, Check if there are any updates for the box. It could be an internet problem. Disconnect and reconnect the power socket of the Android box. If that did not work, also disconnect and reconnect your Router / Modem socket.

  • Is there any free trial available ?

    Unfortunately no, the lower subscription plan is a one month Diablo pro package for $ 25, Diablo is the most reliable service for IPTV.  

  • Can we do recordings?

    Yes according to the model of your box, The Formuler Z10 paired with a Usb key is the best solution

  • How do I know when my subscription will end?

    When opening your session prior to the box's connection, you'll be able to see the plan's expiration date

  • How long will it takes before I get my box?

    1 to 4 business days. The order is always expedited by Fast Shipping and all of our sales are FINAL. (Exchange only in case of defect.)

  • Which Android boxes are the best?

    Right now, the Formuler Z10 is the best box available on the market. 

  • What is the best payment method ?

    E-Transer. It's fast and reliable.

  • Where do I send payments by Interac email transfer?

    Make payment directly from your bank account by interac e-mail transfer. Go to your online account in transfer - interac transfer - add a recipient - use this information:

    E-mail: unrealiptv@hotmail.com
    Question : unreal
    Answer: iptv

  • Where does the Android box and it's plan work?

    Worldwide as long as you have an internet connection of at least 20 mb / s, which is very useful when traveling and on the go.

  • Est-ce que ca fonctionne sur tous les télévisions.

    Yes, absolutely

  • Comment connaitre ma vitesse internet en mbps ?

    Go to www.speedtest.net and start the test.